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Join us for parts or all of a fun-packed week-long summer experience for lawyers in Germany's vibrant capital. Fulfil some of your annual CLE/CPD requirements in thought-provoking sessions in the company of internationally-minded practitioners from a range of jurisdictions, and be more than just a tourist as you get under the skin of Berlin with our carefully curated cultural and social programme!

On Monday, we explore various aspects of Law in the Age of Hyperconnectivity. On Wednesday, our speakers will get sharing on Legal Issues in the Sharing Economy. And on Friday, after visiting the home of Volkswagen the day before, we'll consider the Legal Fallout from the Dieselgate Emissions Scandal.

Download the Monday programme, the Wednesday programme and the Friday programme as pdfs.

See the various ticket types available on our pricing page. If you would like to attend a combination of sessions, activities and events for which there is no ticket type listed, please contact us for a tailor-made quotation.

Discover the complete programme including social and cultural events, day by day, here.

Knowledge Nomads is committed to gender equality. At this conference, at least 50% of all speakers and panelists will be women. We also strive to include a broad range of nationalities, backgrounds and ages in our line-up of speakers. We offer reduced pricing for young lawyers under 30, those in academia, non-profits, government, students and paralegals. And our event is family and child-friendly.

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Start: 23 July 2017
End: 29 July 2017
Knowledge Nomads

Radisson Blu Hotel

Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 3
10178 Berlin Berlin

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VW Day Trip

On Thursday 27 July, we escape Berlin for the day by jumping on Germany's legendary high-speed Inter-City-Express (ICE) train for Wolfsburg, the home of Volkswagen AG, just an hour away. Once off the train at Wolfsburg, we'll walk a few meters across the Midland Canal on the connecting bridge from the station to the Autostadt (literally "Car City"), where we'll first get the lay of the land on an introductory tour of this unique "experience park", which is located adjacent to the original iconic Volkswagen factory.

After our 10am tour of the Autostadt, you'll be free to explore the park at your own pace, and enjoy Cirque Nouveau, the Autostadt Summer Festival. Experience roving street circus performances throughout the day, as well as two different shows by Colombia's National Circus School (Circolombia) on the Harbour Stage. If that's not enough, you can also take in performances by the Australian acrobatics ensemble Gravity & Other Myths on the Garden Stage. And take a moment to have a bounce on the giant Airtramp, balance on a slackline, or impersonate Spiderman on a climbing net as you stroll through the park!

Bring your bathing suit, and pull up a deck-chair on the specially created Cool Summer Island while enjoying a cocktail. Take a solar, pedal or lounge boat out for a whirl around the harbour if you are feeling energetic.

Car enthusiasts will love the Autostadt's Zeithaus museum, with its fantastic collection of (not just VW) cars old and new. In addition, visit the many Autostadt pavilions, each of which showcases a brand in the Volkswagen Group and is a modern architectural delight in itself.

We have pre-booked places so that those not afraid of heights can go up in one of the two fully-automated 48m high Car Towers, in which new VW cars are temporarily stored before being delivered at the adjacent Customer Center to their happy new owners who have travelled especially to Wolfsburg.

A maritime panorama tour is also included in our programme. This is a one-hour boat trip through the canal area which will give you a different perspective on the VW factory, the Autostadt and the surrounding Wolfsburg area.

A highlight of our day in Wolfsburg will be our pre-booked tour of the VW factory complex next door to the Autostadt, which we'll travel to by boat. There you'll see Golfs, Tiguans and Tourans being created from scratch, destined for shipment to the four corners of the globe. In 2016, some 809,000 vehicles rolled off this production line. Founded in 1938, this is the largest manufacturing plant in the world in terms of square footage and it employs over 60,000 people. Part of the site has been classified as Industrial Heritage and is thereby protected.

Participants will be able to enjoy lunch of their choice at one of the many restaurants and eateries in the Autostadt park (not included).

Your open-return train ticket included in your conference registration means that you can return to Berlin when it suits you at the end of the day. There are frequent train connections.

Arts & Culture Day

On Tuesday 25 July, we'll be out and about exploring some of the rich history and culture on offer in Berlin.

Berlin During the Third Reich

Guide: Mike Stack

Berlin was shaped by the Third Reich more than any other German city. Hitler and his personal architect Albert Speer had a grand plan to turn Berlin into the capital of the world - a utopian city called Germania. Although only a fraction of this master plan was realised, a number of significant sites in present-day Berlin still serve as a grim reminder of the National Socialist period. We visit the Lustgarten (Pleasure Garden), where Hitler addressed mass rallies of up to a million people. We then continue to various sites of commemoration, before taking a closer look at the Reichstag's bloody history and transparent future. We trace the route of the Soviet attack towards the final battle for the Reichstag and stop in front of the Soviet Memorial flanked with T-34 Tanks and Red Army Howitzers while we hear about the experiences of those caught up in advance of Soviet forces. See what remains of Hitler's “Thousand-Year Reich”, including Goering's Air Defence Ministry, the Luftwaffe's coordination centre for the Battle of Britain, as well as the site of Goebbels’ Propaganda Ministry and the ruins of Himmler’s SS and Gestapo HQ at the Topography of Terror exhibition. Visit the site where Hitler's Reich Chancellery stood and the exact location of the Führer's bunker. Relive Hitler's last days in the bunker culminating in his suicide, and the tortured fate of his remains. Discover the old Bendler Block, the site of Stauffenberg's execution after the failed 20 July 1944 assassination attempt on Hitler, a building which now houses the German Resistance Museum.

Read about our guide for the Arts & Culture Day here. The group will depart with guide from the foyer of the conference hotel. Travel in and around Berlin will be on public transport. Participants with full week conference tickets will be issued with a public transport ticket as part of registration. Combi-ticket holders will need to buy a day ticket for Berlin public transport. This excursion is not suitable for those with limited mobility, as they involve a great deal of walking. Lunch is included.

Social & Cultural

Sunday 23 July

For those who arrive in Berlin ahead of our Sunday evening start, we are offering an optional Bike Tour of Berlin's main sights starting mid-morning. Berlin is very flat and ideal for two-wheeled exploration - and the pace is suitable for those of us who sit behind a desk all day! Children are welcome, either riding themselves or as passengers on bike seats/in tag-a-longs pulled by a parent. Helmets will be supplied.

Our formal programme begins at the foot of the TV Tower in Alexanderplatz in the early evening, where well-known Berlin arts critic and editor of the Berliner Zeitung newspaper Nikolaus Bernau will enlighten us on the history of the iconic TV Tower, constructed between 1965 and 1969, and surrounding communist-era architecture. We'll then go inside the TV Tower for a welcome reception on the first floor, followed by dinner upstairs in the revolving restaurant, 207 metres above Berlin.

Monday 24 July

On Monday, we have a full day in the classroom with lunch, finishing at approximately 6pm. In the evening, participants are free to explore Berlin.

Tuesday 25 July

Tuesday is our Arts & Culture Day, and we'll all be out and about in Berlin on our Third Reich tour until mid-afternoon.

In the evening, participants have a choice of an optional show + dinner package:

  • The Tap Pack at the TIPI am Kanzleramt (Tepee at the Chancellor's Office). This marquee theatre is an ideal summer venue, a stone's throw away from Angela Merkel's office, and features a lounge, terrace and beer garden with view across to the Chancellery. We'll kick off with a reception in the beer garden, followed by a three-course dinner in the Tepee, drinks included, before seeing a performance by The Tap Pack, five Australian testosterone-packed hunks who furiously sing and dance their way through some crazy choreography to the music classics of several decades.

Wednesday 26 July

After a morning in the classroom followed by lunch, an optional excursion is on offer for Wednesday afternoon and evening:

  • Afternoon guided tour followed by reception, dinner and concert in Schloss Charlottenburg (Charlottenburg Palace). This baroque and rococo-style palace is the former seat of the Kings of Prussia. It dates from the end of the 17th century and is the largest palace in Berlin, with extensive surrounding grounds. Our optional programme includes a guided tour in English, a champagne reception and three-course candlelight dinner in the Orangerie followed by a concert by the Berliner Residenz Orchester playing highlights from Mozart's operas, with soloists.

Thursday 27 July

On Thursday we'll be in Wolfsburg all day for our Volkswagen experience.

Friday 28 July

Our morning on Friday will be taken up with the last of our academic sessions followed by lunch in the hotel. In the afternoon, we are offering an optional activity before all participants gather in the evening for the closing dinner:

  • Afternoon tour of the German Federal Parliament building (Reichstag/Bundestag), starting at 5pm.

Our conference closing dinner will be held in the restaurant on top of the Reichstag/Bundestag Federal Parliament building on Friday evening, next to the world-famous glass dome which sits atop the modernised building, designed by British architect Sir Norman Foster. We will be allowing time before our reception to walk around inside the dome, which can be done with audio guides if required. In order to enter the Parliament building, everyone must bring photo ID/passport with them.